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Product IDManufacturerTypeModelOutput ≤50kW>50kW Not Type Tested (as per G59)PhaseENA StandardEnteredDownload
ASJA.001AsjaDomestic CHPTOTEM 2020 kW 3-Phase G59/301/07/2015 View/Download (2004 Kb)
ASJA.002AsjaDomestic CHPTOTEM 1010 kW 3-Phase G59/301/07/2015 View/Download (2004 Kb)
CFCLT001CERAMIC FUEL CELLS LIMITEDFuel CellsBluegen2 kW 1-Phase G83/205/05/2014 View/Download (269 Kb)
CROWD001Crowd Charge LtdEnergy Storage DeviceVCG-666CN7A6 kW 1-Phase G59/307/02/2019 View/Download (285 Kb)
DELTA001Delta Electronics Europe Ltd.PV InverterRPI M50A_12050 kW 3-Phase G59/301/07/2015 View/Download (505 Kb)
DELTA002Delta Electronics Europe Ltd.PV InverterRPI M50A_12250 kW 3-Phase G59/301/07/2015 View/Download (505 Kb)
DELTA003Delta Electronics Europe Ltd.PV InverterSolivia 30 EU G4TL30 kW 3-Phase G59/301/07/2015 View/Download (182 Kb)
DELTA004Delta Electronics Europe Ltd.PV InverterRPI H4A3.68 kW 1-Phase G83/201/07/2015 View/Download (487 Kb)
ENATE001enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 5kWGT-UK5 kW 1-Phase G59/215/02/2016 View/Download (1957 Kb)
ENATE002enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 4kWGT-UK4 kW 1-Phase G59/215/02/2016 View/Download (724 Kb)
ENATE003enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 4kWGT-UK4 kW 1-Phase G83/1-115/02/2016 View/Download (1613 Kb)
ENATE004enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 3.8kWGT-UK3.8 kW 1-Phase G83/1-115/02/2016 View/Download (31 Kb)
ENATE005enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 3.8kWGT-UK3.68 kW 1-Phase G83/215/02/2016 View/Download (1108 Kb)
ENATE006enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 3kWGT-UK3.1 kW 1-Phase G83/1-115/02/2016 View/Download (32 Kb)
ENATE007enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 3kWGT-UK3 kW 1-Phase G83/215/02/2016 View/Download (1112 Kb)
ENATE008enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 2kWGT-UK2.1 kW 1-Phase G83/1-115/02/2016 View/Download (32 Kb)
ENATE009enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 2kWGT-UK2 kW 1-Phase G83/215/02/2016 View/Download (111 Kb)
ENATE010enatelEnergy Storage InverterEnaSolar 2kWGT-SPUK (Domestic CHP)2 kW 1-Phase G83/215/02/2016 View/Download (111 Kb)
ENATE011enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 1.5kWGT-UK1.6 kW 1-Phase G83/1-115/02/2016 View/Download (32 Kb)
ENATE012enatelPV InverterEnaSolar 1.5kWGT-UK1.5 kW 1-Phase G83/215/02/2016 View/Download (1093 Kb)