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The Energy Networks Association (ENA) is the trade association for the energy networks. Our members own and operate the wires and pipes which carry electricity and gas into your community, supporting our economy. For more information about the ENA, please visit the corporate website.

G98 and G99 are ENA standards that outline the requirements for connecting generators in parallel with public low voltage networks. Standards G98 and G99 superseded the previous ENA standard G59 on 17 May 2019. G100 details the technical requirements for customers' export and import limitation schemes applicable after 1 May 2023. These standards are available free from the ENA Document Catalogue.

This Type Test Register enables logged in manufacturer users to enter details and upload type test documents for devices that are covered by the new standards. The data entered and documents uploaded are then made available for browsing and viewing by users.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has developed and hosts the site on behalf of its Distribution Network Operator (DNO) members in order to promote product identification and information sharing but it is the responsibility of the product manufacturers to upload and maintain data and documentation relating to their products. The ENA simply hosts manufacturers' data and their statements of compliance.

For a concise site overview and user guide (updated Sep 2022), please click here. To download a Powerpoint webinar (manufacturers' workshop 3rd Nov 2020) that introduces the system with emphasis on compliance assessment for manufacturers, please click here. For the G98/G99/G100 guidance forms, please click here.

The ENA are currently reviewing all Type Test Register submissions and a guideline to compliance status is detailed .

  • Compliant: This device and its respective documentation have been reviewed against G98/G99 and can be deemed as 'compliant'. This to the ENA's best engineering judgement and is indicative only. DNOs retain the right to review the suitability of the device for connection to their network.
  • Compliant — on-site confirmation by DNO Required: This device and its respective documentation have been reviewed against G98/G99 and the device can be deemed 'compliant' if confirmed on-site by the DNO. The device may depend on other site-specific technical factors (such as LoM protection) in order to be compliant in situ. DNOs retain the right to review the suitability of the device for connection to their network. The distinction between this status and the 'Compliant' status is only available to users with access to the full compliance status (see below).
  • Further Information Required: Following review of the device and documentation, further information is required before a 'compliant' status can be achieved. Please refer to the 'Compliance Status Comments' available to registered (DNO or device manufacturer) users for further guidance to action.
    The 'further information required' status is sub-categorised into three further statuses making up the full compliance status:
    • Non-compliant: This device and documentation cannot be deemed compliant at this stage. Please see the 'Compliance Status Comments' on the device record for more information. Once the comments have been actioned and documentation updated by the manufacturer, it will be reviewed again - in due course.
    • Non-compliant for new installations: This status was introduced in September 2022 to capture devices that were previously compliant but, following changes to the standards, no longer are. The reason for introducing the new status was the implementation of Limited Frequency Sensitivity Mode - Overfrequency (LFSM-O) requirements on 1 Sep 2022. However, this status is likely to be used where future changes to standards have the same effect on existing device registration compliance.
    • Minor non-compliance or document error: Due to further assessment required, or documentation errors, the device cannot be declared 'fully compliant'. Please see the 'Compliance Status Comments' on the device record for more information. Once the comments have been actioned and documentation updated by the manufacturer, it will be reviewed again - in due course.
  • Awaiting Assessment: This device and documentation will be reviewed in due course. Please wait for the compliance status to be updated prior to submitting an enquiry. We are not able to estimate timescales for the completion of the review.

The majority of data and documents on the site are available to all users without log in and an account is not required. Manufacturers can choose to flag uploaded documents as 'restricted' and these are only available to registered Distribution Network Operator (DNO) or Independant Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) users or users from the manufacturer of the device.

Further guidance on the availability of compliance status data depending on the category of user accessing the system is available .

  • Anonymous: This data is available to the public and does not reveal any manufacturer specific information regarding compliance status for individual devices. The full compliance status is not shown.
  • Manufacturer: Allows access to the full compliance status and comments regarding own manufacturer data but does not reveal this data for other manufacturers' devices & respective documentation. Note: to register as a manufacturer user, you must use an email address which contains the domain name of the manufacturer and may be required to provide supporting documentation.
  • DNO/IDNO: Access to all manufacturers' information, including full compliance status and comments.

Registered DNO/IDNO or manufacturer users can log in by clicking here. Unregistered DNO/IDNO and manufacturer users without an account can request an account here. All initial registrations for any DNO/IDNO/manufacturer need to be approved by a system administrator at the ENA before they can be used but subsequent registrations can be approved by a nominated company administrator at the company.

If you have any problems or issues with the site or have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please let us know via our feedback page. We aim to respond to any feedback within 24 hours.

20 Most Recently Published Devices

System Reference Compliance Status Published Manufacturer Model Category Type Registered Capacity No. of Phases
FOXES/03516/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-H1-3.0InverterEnergy Storage Device3 kW One
FOXES/03517/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-H1-3.7InverterEnergy Storage Device3.68 kW One
FOXES/03518/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-H1-4.6InverterEnergy Storage Device4.6 kW One
FOXES/03519/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-H1-5.0InverterEnergy Storage Device5 kW One
FOXES/03520/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-H1-6.0InverterEnergy Storage Device6 kW One
FOXES/03151/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AC1-3.0-EInverterEnergy Storage Device3 kW One
FOXES/03154/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AC1-3.7-EInverterEnergy Storage Device3.68 kW One
FOXES/03155/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AC1-4.6-EInverterEnergy Storage Device4.6 kW One
FOXES/03156/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AC1-5.0-EInverterEnergy Storage Device5 kW One
FOXES/03157/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AC1-6.0-EInverterEnergy Storage Device6 kW One
FOXES/03147/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.H1-3.0-EInverterEnergy Storage Device3 kW One
FOXES/03148/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.H1-3.7-EInverterEnergy Storage Device3.68 kW One
FOXES/03150/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.H1-4.6-EInverterEnergy Storage Device4.6 kW One
FOXES/03152/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.H1-5.0-EInverterEnergy Storage Device5 kW One
FOXES/03153/V1/A2Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.H1-6.0-EInverterEnergy Storage Device6 kW One
FOXES/03521/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-AC1-3.0InverterEnergy Storage Device3 kW One
FOXES/03522/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-AC1-3.7InverterEnergy Storage Device3.68 kW One
FOXES/03523/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-AC1-4.6InverterEnergy Storage Device4.6 kW One
FOXES/03524/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-AC1-5.0InverterEnergy Storage Device5 kW One
FOXES/03525/V1/A1Awaiting assessment1 Oct 2022FOXESS Co., Ltd.AIO-AC1-6.0InverterEnergy Storage Device6 kW One