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The Document Catalogue System is a catalogue of Engineering Documents available from The Energy Networks Association (ENA). The ENA represents the interests of all electricity companies in the UK. Its activities include dealing with engineering matters of a detailed and esoteric nature; the way the industry deals with its human relations and with the training needs of staff; its reactions to environmental concern and how it handles the variety of outside influences which seek to pull it in different directions.

For more information, please click HERE to be routed to the ENA's corporate website or direct your enquiries to:

Energy Networks Association Limited
4 More London Riverside

tel: +44 (0)20 7706 5100
fax: +44 (0)20 7706 5101

Documents available from the site include Technical Specifications, BEBS Specifications, Engineering Recommendations and a variety of reports.

Most documents are available to any user but a number are confidential to ENA member companies. The ENA Document Catalogue System allows clients that are not full members of the ENA to purchase documents by credit/debit card via secure transactions provided by WorldPay.

WARNING:  Some of the documents available from this site have been published by the Energy Networks Association from original publications produced by the now defunct Electricity Association. Please note that the ENA can not take responsibility for the condition of any older documents. You are advised to seek advice before acting upon information contained in these publications.