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Introduction to the Security Incident Reporting System (SIRS)

The Security Task Group (STG) (previously the Electricity Security Managers Forum (ESMF)) is concerned with all aspects of security on the electricity network. Theft, in particular, has become an increasing problem in recent years largely due to the steep rise in the cost of commodities such as copper and steel. Version 1 of the ESMF Security Incident Reporting System (SIRS) was commissioned by the ESMF in 2008 to provide a national scheme to collate security incident data and provide a resource for the various agencies charged with tackling the problem.

Modifications leading to the release of Version 2.2 of the system were commissioned in October 2013 in order to streamline the entry of metal theft incidents by both overhauling the manual data entry screens and allowing bulk upload of metal theft incidents extracted from internal system. These enhancements went live during March 2014.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) is the trade association for UK energy transmission and distribution licence holders and operators. The ENA has provided online services to its members including the National Defect Reporting Scheme (NEDeRS®) and the Accident Database System (ADS) for a decade and have agreed to facilitate the development and maintenance of the SIRS database on behalf of the STG.

Access to SIRS is restricted to users assigned by the STG. For any queries regarding membership or access, please email [email protected]. N.B. Read only access is unrestricted for police users - please provide email addresses for all requiring access.