Welcome to the ENA's Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP)

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) represents the interests of all energy network companies in the UK. For more information about the ENA, please visit the corporate website.

This section of the site is oriented towards applying for funding for generating installations that require changes to protection in order to comply with ENA standard G59/3-7. The deadline for new applications was 10 May 2022 but applications submitted before the deadline are still being processed. Please click here to switch to the area of the site geared towards declarations of compliance for installations that are, or may already be, compliant.

The first user at a generator company is self-registered but subsequent users registering to an existing generator company are vetted by existing users at the company. Generator company users can only view/edit information regarding the sites that they operate. There is no anonymous access to the system.

For more detail on the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme, please click here. For a FAQ on technical issues, please click here. The proforma for submitting evidence of the changes made can be downloaded here.

In order to facilitate liaison between generators and the DNOs and IDNOs that their installations are connected to, the system does request basic contact information from generator users. This is held and shared in accordance with our privacy policy, which is detailed here.

If you have any queries about your generation equipment or site, or how to complete the portal entries, please contact the relevant DNO here. If you have queries about the operation of the site, logging in etc, please direct them to:

Energy Networks Association Ltd
4 More London Riverside
London. SE1 2AU

Loss of Mains Administrator
+44 (0)20 4599 7674

If you have any problems or issues with the site or have any comments or suggestions for improvements, please let us know via our feedback page. We aim to respond to any feedback within 24 hours.

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