Privacy & Cookie Policy

The Energy Networks Association's Document Catalogue is a private web application whose primary purpose is to serve the needs of the association's members. Documents are also made available for purchase by non-members.

For the purpose of completing sales and producing invoices, the system collects certain name and address information and this information is retained in a database in order to facilitate services such as allowing customers to request that they be resent (without charge) documents that they have previously ordered. It also facilitates new orders by preventing the customer from having to re-enter addresses for each purchase and optionally passes address information to our payment provider, Worldpay.

All customer and order data is held securely on the site and is never passed to third parties. No data regarding sales or other user actions on the site is passed to third parties but it may be used internally at the ENA for marketing purposes. No third party data analytics is implemented on the site.

Session cookies are used in the site to retain data as the user navigates. This includes a user identifier, the current contents of the basket and other information core to the user experience such as the last page or tab visited or viewed. These cookies expire when the user logs out. The only persistent cookie is the one that is used for login to prefil the user's email address or login id. This facilitates login but serves no other purpose.