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The login page of NGIS enables registered users to login, non-registered users to register and shows a map and details of incidents submitted by NGIS member Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) that are made available for unrestricted public access. Generally these are loss of supply incidents. To view the full detail of any incident displayed on the page, click on the header line (date and address). Restricted information is displayed prior to login so registered users are advised to login prior to viewing the incident so that the system displays all the fields available to them. The fields available to users depend on their company type, which is defined at registration. Non registered users only have access to a subset of the fields available to registered users.

To register, click the 'REGISTER' button and refer to the help on the registration page for further assistance.

To login, enter your email address and password in the boxes provided and click the 'LOGIN' button or hit the enter key on your keyboard. Email addresses are not case sensitive but passwords are. If you've forgotton your password, enter your NGIS registered email address in the email box and click the 'Password Reminder' link. Your password will be emailed to the registered email address.

Once logged in, please refer to the user guide, which is available from the main menu. In addition there is a help file for each page and function accessed via the blue 'HELP' button at the top of each page and, when entering data, each data-entry field has a tooltip, which pops up when the mouse is hovered over the field or its label.

Navigation is generally via the menu on the Home page and, on other pages, there are clearly marked buttons that enable return to the menu or return to the previous page. Return to the previous page is always available via the 'BACK' button located at the top right of each screen. The ENA logo above the 'BACK' and 'HELP' buttons also navigates straight back to the Home page and main menu.